About Mardif Marble

Mardif Marble & Travertine

Mardif Mining, which is located in Ankara, Turkey, was established as a result of the long-term experience of being producer and quarry operator in one of the arbiter companies in Turkey. The aim of the Mardif “MARBLE DIFFUSION” as written in the content of the name is to diffuse its well-selected natural stone products to business partners throughout 5 continents.

The policy of the Mardif Mining is to provide various ranges of natural stone products by purchasing blocks from the quarries anywhere in Turkey and have the blocks produced in the factory in Afyon. The working quarries will be the most productive quarries in anywhere in Turkey like Afyon, Denizli, Burdur, Konya, Muğla, Sivas, etc. In this manner, the company does not adhere to a single type of products and does supply different kind of marble, travertine, and limestone with various types of slabs, tiles, pavers, pool copings, mosaics and borders.

We do also hands-on projects in Turkey and abroad. Our references are among the exclusive projects like Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza and General Directorate of Forestry Building.

Our commitment to the total satisfaction of our customers and the strict compliance with our quality regulations made us become one of the leaders of our sector and we will give our best to keep our well-deserved place among those leaders.